the best wood and the best essence


Inside, everything becomes eternal, time stops and everything remains unchanged.

ELITE ITALIA company uses the best epoxy and polyurethane materials for the realization of the products. All those substances mentioned above are tested and studied by top market incorporations.

The quality and reliability are essentially and vitally important.
The resin can give the final result the highest degree of perfectionism and guarantee a long term quality.

Varnishing – The ability to feel the difference between touching wood and resin is the most perfect and the most popular final effect. You can’t feel any kind of difference between the start and the end of essence and resin or the other way around. The only feel (same as the visual) you get is the touch. The passing from the warm and uneven softness of wood to the cold and perfectly smooth resin. We only suggest different manufacture when you choose tables or decorations for public places or restaurants to protect the softness of wood, which differs from its nature. Cutting desks are treated with natural oils that work against moisture, are waterproof, and are specific and certified for the food industry.

The epoxy resin is well-known for its resistance against scratches. It could be used as transparent or colored by special pigments in any color with any effect you can imagine. It’s suitable for outside and indoor use. Elite Italia guarantees UV stability towards the material turning yellow for up to 10 years since creating the final product.